Vaginal Bleaching (Intimate Area Bleaching) in Toronto

Starts at $2999/ 5 treatments
Procedure Time
20 minutes
Recovery Time

How Much Does a Vaginal Bleaching Cost?

Vaginal bleaching treatment programs are priced at $2,999 for a 5 treatment package. 

How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Vaginal Bleaching?

There is little to no downtime from regular everyday activities.

How Long Does a Vaginal Bleaching Take?

The entire treatment takes about 20 minutes and involves 4-6 weeks of chemical bleaching.

What is Vaginal Bleaching?

Hyperpigmentation in the vaginal, bikini and groin region is difficult to treat and usually requires some expert medical intervention. There are many reasons why one can need vaginal bleaching treatment, such as hormonal changes that may arise after pregnancy, aging, or weight gain.

Who is a Vaginal Bleaching Candidate?

Some patients are inclined to an increased pigment in their skin. Some areas of the body are more prone to hyperpigmentation than others such as mons pubis, groin, and genital areas. If you have hyperpigmented skin in these areas, you are a good candidate for the vaginal & bikini lightening treatment.

Benefits of a Vaginal Bleaching

Boost Your Self Esteem
Lightening the pigment of the skin in intimate areas can boost self-esteem.

A MediSpa Centre You Can Trust
There are numerous reports of non-medical professionals at spas and people self-treating themselves with disastrous results. Putting your trust in SpaMedica will ensure you will limit the risk of improper bleaching. SpaMedica is staffed by Canada’s most recognized and respected dermatologists and plastic surgeons, who oversee Toronto’s most experienced team of medical aestheticians and aesthetic registered nurses.

Enhances Vaginal Beauty
After the treatment, patients can expect a 50-90% reduction in vaginal hyperpigmentation.

Improves Your Sex Life
This procedure can help restore an improved sense of well-being, aesthetically, functionally, and sexually.

Vaginal Bleaching Risks

There are certainly risks of recurrence or even increased pigmentation following treatment. SpaMedica’s dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and laser technicians have years of experience in treating hyperpigmentation syndromes. By having a gradual, modest, but focused and medical approach, the risks of making the pigmentation worse or scarring and recurrence is greatly minimized.

Why Choose SpaMedica for Vaginal Bleaching?

SpaMedica is the first choice for Toronto bikini and vaginal lightening and bleaching patients thanks to Dr. Mulholland’s 20-year history of cutting-edge melisma and hyperpigmentation lasers and medical treatments. With the most modern bleaching lasers and techniques, you will have the highest probability of success.

Different Types of Vaginal Bleaching

Using a combination of lightening physician prescriptive creams, and pigment lightening lasers, like the PicoSure and PicoWay, will provide the best possible hyperpigmentation reduction.

Non-Surgical Vaginal Bleaching Alternatives

Different bleaching creams and serums are available and lightening lasers, IPL systems assist in bleaching as well. SpaMedica always offers the newest, most successful and proven technologies.

How is a Vaginal Bleaching Performed by SpaMedica ?

The first approach is 4-6 weeks of chemical bleaching and skin lightening agents. The chemical bleaching agents for the bikini, groin, and perianal area are usually prescriptive, meaning SpaMedica dermatologists or plastic surgeons and their skincare coordinators will prescribe a high-tech bleaching agent consisting of Retinoic acids, Kojic acids, strong Hydroquinones and an anti-inflammatory steroid to be applied frequently over 4-6 weeks.

This bleaching agent will reduce the reactivity of the surrounding pigment cells, putting them into a “somnolent,” or less reactive phase. 

After 4-6 weeks of frequent bleaching, some patients have a significant improvement and are done the program with no further treatment required. Through ongoing maintenance of home lightening and bleaching regimes will likely be necessary.

The second phase of bikini and peri-vaginal lightening treatment usually involves lasers and light-based remedies for all skin types. The use of the picosecond technology such as the Picosure or PicoWay can be used to significantly reduce pigment in difficult to treat areas such as the bikini, groin creases, labia majora, labia minora and vaginal region, the perineum and the peri-anal areas.

The vaginal & bikini lightening treatments are energy, extremely short pulse duration picosecond lasers, which selectively target pigment and pigment-forming cells with a photoacoustic “shattering” effect and very little heat.

The Photoacoustic, picosecond energy results in some degree of crusting and will heal over several days. The ultrashort pulse duration and the relative absence of significant heating make the picosecond pigment lasers more effective, removing pigment and brown discolouration with far less risk of reactive hyperpigmentation.

Ongoing bleaching following the picosecond treatment is required to additionally minimize the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (also known as PIH) and to protect the improvement and results achieved with the picosecond lasers.

How to Prepare for a Vaginal Bleaching

While no preparation is typically needed, vaginal bleaching can be scheduled 10 days after waxing or laser hair removal has been performed on the area. Avoid anal or vaginal intercourse for at least 3 days before your appointment.

What to Expect After a Vaginal Bleaching

After the comprehensive lightening and bleaching program, Bikini and Peri-Vaginal Hyperpigmentation patients can expect between a 50-90% reduction in their pigmentation. Ongoing maintenance treatments to protect this improvement are required intermittently throughout the year after completion.

Ongoing home bleaching treatments are generally required, as well as intermittent laser treatments administered at SpaMedica. There is little to no downtime from regular activities.

Vaginal Bleaching Recovery & Timeline

Day 1: A mild degree of irritation of the skin that has been treated.

Day 2: Patients can return to normal activities of daily living.

Day 1-7: A mild burning and itching feeling will occur for several days following the treatment. Topical ointments are generally administered.

Week 7: High impact activities such as jogging or running, or aggressive sexual intimacy can resume after you have allowed the skin to settle and heal.

Best Procedures Paired with Vaginal Bleaching

Laser Hair Removal, treatment of melasma, cellulite and non surgical fat reduction programs (CoolSculpting) pair well with vaginal bleaching.

Vaginal Bleaching FAQ

How Painful is it to Get a Vaginal Bleaching?

After your procedure, you will experience irritation of the skin, mild burning and itching for several days. Topical ointments will be prescribed to help with any discomfort. 

Is Vaginal Bleaching Safe?

In choosing SpaMedica for your vaginal bleaching program, you are not only receiving expert care from our staff, but you are also ensuring your safety thanks to Dr. Mulholland’s 20-year history of cutting-edge melisma and hyperpigmentation lasers and medical treatments. 

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Have Sex After a Vaginal Bleaching?

As minor redness and swelling can occur after laser treatment, you will be instructed to avoid sexual activity until you are fully healed, usually 7-10 days.

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