Cellfina (Cellulite Treatment) in Toronto

Cellfina Before & After Pictures

Starts at $2,499/treatment
Procedure Time
1-2 hours
Recovery Time
No Downtime

How Much Does a Cellfina Cost?

A Cellfina program costs, on average $3,999, depending upon the number of deep dimples and involved zones. A single treatment will start from $2,499.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Cellfina?

Cellfina patients can return to normal activities immediately. There is the expected minor degree of swelling (from the local anesthetic fluid) and mild bruising and discomfort, but there is no significant recovery.

How Long Does a Cellfina Take?

The Cellfina treatment itself takes approximately 1 hour complete, depending upon the number of deep dimples that are targeted. After treatment, the area is cleaned and dressed, and the patient is able to return home.

What is a Cellfina

Cellfina is a revolutionary new, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure designed to release and improve the appearance of dimples and cellulite on the buttocks and upper back of the thigh.

In under 1 hour, a single Cellfina treatment can significantly improve the appearance of cellulite in the target area. SpaMedica’s comprehensive cellulite reduction program uses multiple technologies including Cellfina to ensure you walk away with smoother-looking skin, cellulite reduction and long-lasting results.

Who is a Cellfina Candidate?

Cellfina is an ideal procedure for persons with advanced cellulite, noticeable dimples and indentations on the back of the buttock and back of the upper thigh.  

Candidates should have realistic expectations about the final results, should not be pregnant or have uncontrolled medical diseases. Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and skin disorders can be present and still lead to excellent Cellfina results.

Benefits of a Cellfina

Remove Cellulite
Cellfina removes cellulite giving the treated areas a smooth and healthy look.

High Satisfaction
Cellfina patients report 93% satisfaction after 3 years.

Significant Improvement
Only a single, short treatment is necessary to achieve noticeable long-lasting results. 

Minimally Invasive
The non-invasive nature means there is little-to-no downtime for patients.

Cellfina Risks

Any swelling in the treatment area should subside after a couple of days.

The affected area may feel numb following the procedure, but this side effect is typically temporary.

Any swelling in the treatment area should subside after a couple of days. 

Extremely rare and can be avoided by using a reputable, experienced surgeon. Preventative antibiotics are also provided.

All complications are managed and corrected as part of your procedure fee.

Why Choose SpaMedica for Cellfina?

SpaMedica has the best in class cellulite reduction technology and experience to create a comprehensive cellulite reduction program for every patient. Our Toronto cellulite reduction centre has invested in the best possible combination of technologies to achieve the smoothest results.

To ensure the best possible results, all patients are offered a post-Cellfina, non-invasive program. Radiofrequency technologies are deployed to tighten the skin and improve the overall appearance of your cellulite after you have completed your Cellfina. These suction coupled RF devices include the Venus Freeze, Venus Legacy BodyFX, Velashape 3 and the Excilis.

We take pride in helping you achieve your body goals and for that reason, the post-Cellfina treatments come at no extra cost and are included in your Cellfina program.

Non-Surgical Cellfina Alternatives 

SpaMedica can deploy the very best in suction coupled radiofrequency devices, including the Venus Legacy, BodyFX, Venus Freeze, Velashape 3 and the Excilis to ensure you achieve the best possible cellulite reduction.

How is a Cellfina Performed by Dr. Mulholland?

Patients will first undergo a comprehensive cellulite reduction consultation with an experienced SpaMedica treatment professional. It is here that your goals and expectations will be assessed, as well as the severity of your cellulite.

On the day of treatment, the Cellfina cellulite reduction procedure follows 3 simple steps:

Dimple Mapping
Cellulite dimples are photographed accurately and mapped.

Local Anesthesia
Local anesthesia is applied to ensure that the pits and cellulite are completely numb.

Dimple Release
The Cellfina device is placed over cellulite and suction is applied to lift the dimples and stabilize the vertical bands causing the dimples. Once the suction has been stabilized, it is time for the guided release. A tiny micro-probe is inserted through the cellulite tissue, releasing and dividing the vertical bands that are causing the dimple. This releases the dimple and smoothens the skin.

The procedure continues capturing and releasing all the dimples that were marked out. This selective release of the dimples results in significant smoothing that lasts for a long time.

How to Prepare for a Cellfina

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Mulholland and his team will review your medications and medical history. Based on the scope of the treatment, SpaMedica doctors may recommend that you stop taking certain medications before the procedure. It is also recommended that you consume a healthy diet and drink plenty of liquids before your treatment.

What to Expect After a Cellfina

Following the Cellfina procedure, patients can return home and immediately resume regular activities. It is normal to experience some local anesthesia leakage through the insertion port, but this dissipates within 24 hours. 

Patients can achieve significant improvement in their cellulite following Cellfina, without any maintenance treatments. If your skin envelope is quite firm and you have no significant nodules, the Cellfina treatment is often all that’s needed. 

For patients with skin laxity and nodules, we recommend ongoing treatments every 3-4 months with external devices, including the Venus Legacy, BodyFX, Venus Freeze to achieve the best possible long-term cellulite reduction.

Cellfina Recovery & Timeline

Immediately After: Patients are encouraged to immediately return to normal and high-impact activities.

Days 10-14: Any mild bruising and swelling will have now subsided.

Week 3: The buttocks, posterior thigh and lateral thigh cellulite look much smoother.

Cellfina FAQ

How Painful is it to Get a Cellfina?

The procedure only comes with moderate discomfort and is no more painful than a soft tissue filler or Botox injectable. Local anesthesia is gently injected into the dimple regions comfortably, thanks to the use of laughing gas, or nitrous oxide.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Cellfina results can last for over 3 years on a single treatment. The cause of and nature of cellulite renders it unresponsive to diet, exercise or lifestyle changes. Long term results can be optimized by undergoing 3-4 BodyFx, Venus Legacy or Venus Freeze treatments every year.

Verified for Accuracy
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